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Welcome yet another Nashville home renovation TV show: HGTV’s ‘Joined at the Flip’



Keeping up with home-renovation-TV news in Nashville is becoming a full-time job: We’ve been a little behind on our TV watching, so this is a little late, but earlier this month, yet another Nashville-based show launched: HGTV’s Joined at the Flip.

The new series might sound a little familiar, conceptually — it’s led by a two-person team, one leading the real estate deals, the other handling construction.

The twist, though: stars DeRon Jenkins and Page Turner are exes who still work together, flipping houses around Nashville and Atlanta. (Side note for the local sports fanatics: Jenkins isn’t a newcomer to the spotlight — he’s also a former NFL player, who did time with the Titans and Baltimore Ravens.)

For the Joined at the Flip pilot, Jenkins and Turner took on a cottage in North Nashville. No indication yet of what other Nashville neighborhoods the two will be working in during the show’s first season, but we’ve heard that filming’s set to resume this summer, with the full season premiering in 2018.

If you’re keeping track, this show joins three other Nashville-based home-improvement series going now: Nashville Flipped, focused on rehabbing historic properties; Listed Sisters, led by a designer/real estate agent team of twin sisters; and Masters of Flip, a Nashville husband-and-wife team taking on run-down “disasters.”

We read recently that HGTV is working on adding yet another Nashville show, too, as they branch out their hit series Flip or Flop to new cities. And some other shows that aren’t based here are dipping into the Nashville real estate waters — both Property Brothers and Property Brothers: Buying and Selling have been casting in Nashville.

It’s hard not to take a hint here: Apparently people enjoy seeing Nashville homes on TV. We can’t argue; we’ve been working with them for years, and we’ve far from bored.

We just missed the encore viewing of Joined at the Flip’s pilot episode, unfortunately, but we’re tuning into the Joined at the Flip Facebook page for updates on when it’ll hit the airwaves again.

To get a little more insight into the show and its stars, watch an interview from NewsChannel 5’s Talk of the Town.

Big congrats to Page Turner and DeRon Jenkins — we’re thrilled to see more neighbors in the limelight, spotlighting the city we love.

While we’re not being followed by cameras, we’d love to help you find a new Nashville home that delivers your vision. You can reach ACRE here, and start searching for homes in Middle Tennessee on our site here.

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