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Guide To: Brentwood, TN

Brentwood encompasses a traditional American dream for many families, offering some of the best public schools in the state, safety, a thriving job market, and beautiful homes, not to mention proximity to the state’s bustling capital city. rated it the best suburb in Tennessee and it is second on the list for wealthiest city in the state. More than 68% of residents are college educated, explaining the importance of education for many residents raising families in the area.

As far back as the late eighteenth century, European-American settlers set up rolling plantations for the production of tobacco. Following the Civil War, these former plantations became grounds for fox hunts and horse breeding, and although density and usage have changed the plots over time, lots remain large and the homes remain grand in much of the area. 

In addition to sprawling lawns and wide roads, the city boasts several parks. Concord Park – with paved walking and biking trails – makes access easy for kids and families with trailheads at the Library and Elementary. Crockett Park is more than 170 acres with features including sports fields, tennis courts, concessions buildings, a bikeway, disc golf, playground, and even an amphitheater! Every year, the city hosts its Fourth of July celebration here, and locals enjoy a summer concert series at the amphitheater. Find another amphitheater at Deerwood Arboretum and Nature Area where the Little Harpeth River creates a beautiful backdrop for nature trails and wildlife. At least seven more parks serve the city with amenities ranging from an archaeological site to a skatepark and child care! 

Like its neighbors in Franklin and Nashville, the most significant industry in the area remains healthcare, a surprise for those who understand its reputation for music. However, many famous artists call Brentwood home, including Dolly Parton, Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, Garth Brooks, and dozens more.

Residents will love the way Brentwood colors just outside of the lines – playing by its own rules in Williamson County but toeing Nashville’s border just close enough to enjoy urban amenities.

“American Pie” by Don McLean