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Guide To: West Meade Neighborhood in Nashville, TN

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As its name suggests, West Meade is the western neighbor of Belle Meade, offering the same luxurious lots and privacy, often at a more accessible price. The histories of the two neighborhoods are also intertwined. When Belle Meade Farm was split between two daughters in 1886, Selene stayed in the original mansion, which is now Belle Meade Mansion; while Mary Elizabeth moved to a new French Victorian mansion on the other side of the property, now known as West Meade Mansion. Both homes are in the national historic register of places and see visitors today.

Best known for its true connection to nature, West Meade residents enjoy wildlife in their yards, as well as at neighboring Percy Warner and Edwin Warner Parks. Residents have managed to keep West Meade Waterfall a relative secret, and it’s only one of the many special places to explore in the area. Cheekwood Estate and Gardens is also nearby and worth a visit, especially to see special art installations, pumpkin houses and scarecrows during Harvest each fall, and Holiday Lights each winter.

In West Meade, you’ll easily find a favorite restaurant haunt, like Roze Pony, Sportsman’s Grille, or Jim ‘n Nick’s Barbeque; but don’t let that limit you. Just minutes away, take a culinary adventure down Charlotte Avenue for international cuisine, or pop over to Green Hills for shopping and a meal.

If West Meade were a song, it would be…

“Counting Stars” by OneRepublic

Architecture and Composition

Most of the area is residential with a dominance of single family homes in the ranch style.

Our Favorites

Restaurants, Cafés, and Bars:



Gower Elementary and West Meade Elementary

H G Hill Middle and Bellevue Middle

Hillwood Comp High